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Urban Market

Bringing home the bacon

Buying local produce and using local services should be our priority, not only does this help our planet and help our local producers and businesses, the food we eat is fresher and possibly much tastier.

We will be talking about how food is produced or grown by local businesses and indeed amateurs.

We will be visiting micro breweries and distilleries sampling and recommending the many popular Gins and craft beers that have appeared in the last couple of years and growing in popularity and let’s face it, we are spoilt for choice these days with Yorkshire having more than its fare share of fabulous drinks and food suppliers, offering advice from experts on nutrition, diet and exercise and asking fruit and vegetable growers advice on what we can all grow at home, whether we have a large garden or a small patio.
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If you want to get involved please do give me a ring, this is a real community project and we want your views.

The Editor